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Jackpocket attracts a new audience to the lottery

Jackpocket is attracting a new audience to the lottery with users that are younger, tech savvy, and affluent. As a result, the state and its beneficiaries are receiving new incremental revenue.

Who is the average Jackpocket user?

Many characteristics of the average Jackpocket user show how they differ from the traditional lotto audience.

Average User


The average Jackpocket user is 36 years old with 58% within the 18 - 40 age range. This is compared to only 38% for traditional lottery players.


Jackpocket users are also tech savvier than traditional NY lottery players. 57% of all our users are on iOS 10.0 or higher.


Data from Facebook shows that 55% of Jackpocket users are homeowners and that the average user is married and living in an urban area.


Two-thirds of Jackpocket users are college graduates who hold a job title in management.


The average Jackpocket user has an average personal income of $65,000, exceeding the traditional lottery player by an average $10,000.