Avoid Lottery Scams

This is a warning to all consumers about scammers who are sending false announcements regarding lottery prizes.

As part of the scam, an individual is contacted by phone, email, text message, or a letter from a scammer who is claiming that the recipient has won a prize with a state lottery. Unless you hear from Jackpocket directly, this is a fraudulent claim and there is no such prize. Federal law prohibits the sale or mailing of lottery tickets across state lines. You may only purchase lottery tickets or set up a subscription in the state you are physically located. Never respond to these communications and never provide information or send money to a scammer.

Warning Signs

  • Jackpocket never requires the payment of any money in order to claim a prize.

  • No one should ever send any money to pay any ‘processing fee’ or any other requested fee in order to claim a prize. (See How do I collect my winnings if I win?)

  • Never deposit any check sent to you that is accompanied by a request that you send or wire money to cover processing or claiming fees. The check that you’ve received is fraudulent and will bounce.

  • Never provide any personal or financial information to a scammer, especially Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers.

Report the Scam

Report any attempted scam to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP or at the FTC Consumer Information website.

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